Here's my new Led Zeppelin Music Collection CD Order Page. I am now offering two different Led Zeppelin Music CD's from the beginning in 1968 to the end, which includes the one big hit "Ozone Baby" from Coda. As most Zeppelin fans already know, Coda was released after the death of John Bonham and a few years after the band's breakup. Each CD includes almost 80 minutes of the greatest music ever produced by this heavy rock English band. These CD's will be the actual songs recorded by Led Zeppelin, not the MIDI files included on this website. The songs will be all super hi-quality stereo too. Led Zeppelin is still considered to be one of the pioneers in heavy rock and one of the co-founders of heavy metal. Rock on with these CD's as your purchase will also help in the financing of this site. Thank you.

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Led Zeppelin Greatest Hits (Volume #1) CD

Led Zeppelin Greatest Hits (Volume #2) CD

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